The new site is live and we are back in action!

As you can see I’ve made quite a few changes, but let’s get to the good part first; NEW COMIC! That’s right, all 26 pages of the first new issue “The Amazing Eddie Ripcord” are finished and available for .pdf purchase for only $1.50 If you click the link to the right side, or click under the comics tab above, you will find a 7 page preview, plus the cover of the brand new comic. You will be able to purchase the whole comic there as well.

Once the next issue is finished and out for sale, the first comic will become available to read on the site for free. (The .pdf will still be $1.50). This is the format I will be following from here forward.

The original comic is still available to read in it’s entirety, under the “Original Story” tab at the top.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of the new comic! Be sure to let me know!