Tomb Raider

Gameplay: A+
Story: A
“The most fun I’ve had playing any kind of adventure game, the most satisfying conclusion, and the most desire to just keep playing it over and over again. The gameplay mechanics are second to none.”


The Last of Us
Gameplay: A-
Story: A
“Incredible horror game, thought provoking and powerful character story, occasionally clunky game mechanics but overall solid gameplay. Very stressful and emotionally draining making a second play through a bit intimidating.”


Bioshock Infinite
Gameplay: B
Story: A-
“A beautiful world with a very brilliant storyline. While all the pieces are there, we are not directly fed any clues, which makes the ending less powerful and more confusing. A second play through is almost necessary to fully understand what happened. The gameplay is the same old bioshock with a few new twists, nothing really special in that category.”

If you only get one, I recommend “Tomb Raider”.